Life under occupation: a difficult story
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  • access_time 30 March 2022

A time that we do not want to remember and cannot be forgotten is life in the Russian occupation. Hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians are now forced to endure this horror. Editor Olena Mityasova was forced to live for two weeks in the Russian-occupied village of Katyuzhanka near Kyiv.

Columns of enemy equipment, armed Kadyrovites, artillery volleys, the roar of fighters and … death. She had to see all this with her own eyes. Nine days of occupation. Elena saved her two sons, a dog and cats, from the war. He says that on the first day I had to spend the night in the car even in sub-zero temperatures. A caring local woman helped to find shelter.

The local shepherd had to bury the dead. Pastor Oleg says: most of those shot were on the first day. They tried to save one woman with serious injuries. However, they could not do it without qualified medical care.

” When they left, I ran out and I see that the guys also ran to the people who were shot in the car. The woman was still alive in the bus and we wanted to help her, first aid, because her bleeding knees were shot, but as she had been for a very long time, she was bleeding and she was already dead. ”

The pastor remembers the days of the occupation with horror.

“I took the bread, left the store, just lowered my head, raised the bread, went through their guards, past the military equipment, went to the yard, I warned my son, called that if you see that I was missed, then go out, open the gate to I went in. I went into the yard, hugged him, we cried. Later, I realized that these people were mercilessly shooting people. ”

After the increase in the number of occupation troops and equipment, it was dangerous to be in the village, says Olena. Therefore, she decided to make her way towards Kyiv. The occupiers released her from Katyuzhanka.

“There was a column of broken Russian vehicles. It was littered all the way. It was very difficult to go. To go there, at first you do not know what is in front, what is behind, what is on the sides, you go and pray and tell your children if something happens , if we die, it will be instantaneous. It is a horror to tell this to your children. “…


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