An Evening of Praise and Worship: “Hope Amidst the Noise”
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  • access_time 27 January 2023

On December 17, an evening of praise and worship was held in our local EHB church: “Hope in the midst of noise.” We were glad to see people of all ages on this evening and together with them glorify our God for His love and mercy to us.

Worshiping God is important for every human being because when we worship God it strengthens our spirit and distracts us from the daily challenges we face. When we feel anxious and the circumstances around us seem overwhelming, we have the choice to turn our minds back to the Lord, trusting in His good and sovereign plans. We do this through worship, and when we begin to worship Him, the Holy Spirit helps us focus:
-On His word.
-On His promises.
-On His plan for our lives.


When we worship, we stop looking at the battle in front of us and start looking at God within us!
Worship when you are troubled.
Worship when you are afraid.
Worship when you are stressed.
Worship when exhausted.
The Lord always stays where His people praise Him. Where there is true worship, there is God.

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