Traces of death. Pastor’s certificate.
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  • access_time 20 October 2022

Pastor Oleg tells how he found out about the beginning of the war, when he realized that life under occupation had begun, and also when the Russian troops entered Katyuzhanka.

“Still, there was some hope inside that maybe God will not give us such trials and there will be no such thing, he will have mercy. But in the morning, when I lay down, I saw that the phone began to burst with messages and calls, and we heard some bangs and equipment flying somewhere… Then we realized that it had really started…” – recalls the pastor.

On the second day, after the start of the war, the first military columns went through Katyuzhanka from the very morning. The pastor said that one of the brothers, who graduated from the military department, warned that there are three stages of military operations: capture of territory, retention and offensive.

On the third day, people were shot in our village. These were the first victims. People who were driving a car, who did not pose any threat to the military, the pastor says. At that time, his children were in the house, almost near which the shelling took place….

You can watch the continuation of the testimony of the pastor of the church in the video.

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