Adolescent Christian Extreme Camp
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The Fear Factor is a camp you want to return to!

The teen tent camp has a history. After all, we have been holding it on the shores of the Kiev Sea since 2008. Our priority is to educate young people who can change their future, the future of their family and the country as a whole. We believe that the BIBLE is the best tool in educating a conscious person. We spend a lot of time communicating between leaders and children.

Also a feature of the camp is that in the field young people learn to survive (hikes are organized, interesting information about survival in the forest is told, etc.).

The highlight of the camp is EXTREME. Extreme circles bring a lot of joy and pleasure! This is an ATV, shooting, blob on the water, etc. Every night the camp participants have the opportunity to show their intellectual, creative and physical abilities. After all, many contests, shows, competitions do not leave anyone passive!

Don’t delay! Choose a useful and fun holiday!


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